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Software Engineer - Financial Times

March 2020—December 2020

I joined the Customer Products department at Financial Times in March, working with the US Growth team on projects to grow readership and brand awareness of the FT within the US. I’ve worked on a multitude of projects, including in-article promotions, newsletter landing pages, and a new onboarding web app to help users discover FT’s full range of journalism. Outside of my work within the US Growth team, I’ve expanded documentation to support developers across the wider team, and improved FT developer tooling by contributing bug fixes and enhancements.

Software Engineer - Happiful

August 2018—February 2020

I joined Happiful as a part-time employee during Sixth Form and alongside my role at Gatsby Inc, following a placement project in which I created a dynamic image generator for social media posts. I continued this product after joining, while also working with content editors to add new features to the Happiful website. I later worked on the Happiful App within a newly formed team, eventually leading development of the Support Groups feature, allowing users to find relevant peer support groups near them. Before my departure, I led accessibility efforts during the redesign of the Nutritionist Resource website, identifying and fixing issues and barriers that disabled web users may have faced.

Software Engineer - Gatsby Inc

August 2018—November 2019

I joined Gatsby Inc as a part-time contractor during Sixth Form and alongside my role at Happiful, after contributions I made to Gatsby’s open source repository on GitHub. I worked on Gatsby’s offline plugin, improving its reliability and user experience. In 2019, I joined the Core team as an employee and branched out my work to other areas of the codebase, such as Gatsby’s test suite, creating a new package to improve the developer experience. Later, I led development of a new major version of Gatsby’s offline plugin, including new features, improved reliability and documentation.