Speaking at QueerJS Cologne, and slides from my talk!

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I recently attended QueerJS Cologne, both to meet with other queer people interested in tech, as well as to give my own talk about advocating for accessibility at work.

The meetup was lovely! I got to meet with other people interested in the intersection of tech and society, as well as watch two other talks - one from Alejandra Villa on the ghost of stagnation in the tech industry, and another from Nils Binder on the history of art and modern CSS - both of which were excellent!

I’m also pleased to announce the slides from my talk, How to make accessibility important at your workplace (and why you should), are now available! Look in the speaker notes for a transcription of the talk itself. View the slides here.

As well as slides, you can see the fake dictionary website I made for the talk, LingoTex, which I demoed at the start of the talk, as well as the multilingual captioning software I wrote for the talk, livecaption, which displays overlay captions based on extracted sentences extracted from Google Slides speaker notes. (Warning: very quick and dirty code.)

Hope to see you again at another QueerJS meetup sometime soon! 👋